• Bonnie Omer Johnson

The New Year

Walking into the New Year is like seeing one’s own fully decorated apartment for the first time. Inside is a surprise although many events or colors and style in an apartment are predictable, the year is an unfolding mystery. Make writing time sacred this year. Make a place sacred where you ponder or write, too. For me, as for most writers, finding the blocks of time required to raise one’s own consciousness to the creative level and putting words on the page is the greatest challenge a writer faces. In 2020, I will not only face time, but will confront it more contentiously, determined to fight its hold and unloose its tentacles, recognizing it stands before me with the strength of Goliath, but knowing also that the slingshot in my pocket and the rock in my hand, and the words in me can knock time on its butt when I commune with the page. While the goliath of time will stand and steal again, he can be wounded. I am off to practice my aim.

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