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Forgive me. I couldn't resist using the palindromic date as the title of today's blog. I've been humbled by the response from readers about The Write Place and the website. Many of you don't give a fiddle about writing, but are nice enough to offer a word of encouragement. Some of you are already writers; others do want to write a book but aren't sure where to begin. A few have stories in mind and hit a wall when you begin. Some need a community who shares a love for words. You're at The Write Place.

Last week was a big week for me. I'd been sitting on this website for days before I hit the "Publish" button, partly out of fear of disappearing into cyberspace, never to retrieve any part of which web designer Charlie Russell constructed, and partly because of what may be an identifiable trait to some of you: self-doubt. I had to ask, "Who do I think I am?" and the answer doesn't depend on how the website is received or how many are interested in what I have to say. I am still exploring ideas and figuring out the world, observing the way we relate to each other, and trying to understand the complexities we face. Writing is a means of exploring and preserving our histories, sorting through the characters and images bring wonder, and creating possibilities.

Last week, I finished a book and read two others. I cut my hair. Kimberly Crum, my co-curator on THE BOOM PROJECT: VOICES OF A GENERATION, and I had a photo shoot with Kim's son-in-law Rudy Salgado, and glass artist who also owns River City Tintype. Rudy took photos of us an old-fashioned way practiced in the 1800's. Most fun was a family gathering yesterday for sixteen of us ranging in age from three to seventy-five for a post-Christmas/pre-Valentine's Day lunch marked with happy noise, balloons, Krispy Kreme heart-shaped donuts, a chance to chat-chit (as one of the littles refers to conversation), and for for us to dance in the circle of life. I didn't eat donuts, but I did have ice cream for breakfast one morning last week.

Check out the class schedule at The Write Place for February by clicking the menu tab for The Write Place. March and April schedules will post Thursday, February 6.


available from Butler Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

Carmichael's, and all branches of the Louisville Public


Bonnie and Kimberly at the Kentucky Book Festival in

Lexington at the Kentucky Horse Park. Interesting fact:

KY Horse Park is located on property formerly occupied by

Dept. of Child Welfare facility where I worked with children

housed there.

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